WhatsApp is one of the most well-known applications. It makes correspondence as straightforward as including the right number of anybody on the planet, that is it. In any case, it tends to be to some degree irritating that so as to message somebody, you generally need to initially include that individual in your location book, however there are such a significant number of events where you simply need to speak with somebody for a few messages and that’s it.

That is the reason some outsider applications deal with this basic assignment for you. It shouldn’t be that hard to send messages through WhatsApp without saving the contact. The issue is that these applications can bargain the security and usefulness of your cell phone. They may likewise be contrary with certain working frameworks.

To assist you with settling this issue, we’ll tell you the best way to send messages through WhatsApp without adding the contact to your location book. What’s more, the best part is that this strategy doesn’t necessitate that you introduce different applications and it works for the two iOS and Android working frameworks without giving any permission to any application.

Step by step instructions to send a WhatsApp message without saving the contact

This procedure may form the start appear to be to some degree mistaking for clients who are not experienced utilizing their cell phone. Be that as it may, when you complete the procedure one time, it will be simple each time after that.

  • Open your favorite browser on your smartphone.
  • Type the following link in the search bar:  https://sendwhatsappmessage.com/ OR Below enter only number (If you sending a message using this website then you don’t compromise your security because it don’t require anything just put only number (I will recommend you bookmark this site or and icon in your phone ))
  • That means that if the person has an American number (with the +1 prefix including the country code, but without the + sign.), it would look something like this: 19175550123
  • Press ‘Open Chat‘ on your smartphone.
  • A WhatsApp window will open asking if you want to send a message to that phone number. Press on ‘send message‘ or if you using it in a smartphone then select the WhatsApp icon.
  • You will automatically be redirected to WhatsApp with the ‘Start Chatting‘ window to the person you entered in your phone.

Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Contact Number

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